RVing with parrots–specifically my large parrots–seemed like a bad idea at first.

Honesty, I was worried. Really worried. You see, my problem child, Vi, has a screaming problem.

An amazon parrot with wild-looking eyes opens her beak as if to scream.

If she hears me banging pots and pans in the kitchen, she screams.

If I get her out, put music on, but don’t sing directly to her on her stand, she screams.

If I put her on a bird stand that is too far from me or turn my back on her while I cook in our U-shaped kitchen, she screams.

So you see, I expected that behavior might be, ah, rather amplified in our tiny tin can of a Class C RV.

RV Travel has been really good for our parrots.

Louie the Eclectus and Vi the amazon sit on two separate stands: a T stand and an acrylic stand inside a tent during RV travel. A laptop computer screen is in the foreground.

RVing makes our parrots happy

Vi almost never screams when we’re on the road, and I recently realized why:

  • I am always within six feet of her, therefore close enough to her liking.
  • My back is never turned to her; I am always facing her whether I am cooking, watching TV, or even in bed.
  • Between her bunk and the wingdow, she has plenty to watch outside.
  • Because their cages are small, we rotate their toys much more frequently and deliberately.

I have seen enough hawks (and stupid actions taken by my own parrots) that our birds are not allowed outside with us unless they are in a tent or a Celltei backpack, so they’re bound solely to the RV for the most part.

However, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that our birds are just as content when we RV than as we are at home.

Maybe a little happier, in fact.

Our RV-Caged bird doesn’t scream; but she does sing happy songs with us.

10/10, would (and will!) RV with parrots again.