The sojourns (snowjourns?) of two wanderers traveling with five parrots and two wrinkly dogs.



We’re Sarah and Jason Snow: wanderers who crave novelty, connection, whimsy, and fabulous regional food. Bonus points if it’s extra spicy!

We are both lucky enough to work remotely–but this also means our dearest friends that we made along the way are scattered all across the world. We decided in January of 2023 to deliberately invest in our friendships, near and far, and bring our whole family along with us.

Our homebase is near St. Augustine, Florida, so we will often travel up and down the East coast. Maybe we’ll see you there!

Sarah and Jason Snow stand together outside the 1842 Inn in Macon, Georgia, with their two shar peis, Nia and Obi.

Why does this website exist?

This website serves three purposes:

  • as a personal planning website for places we want to explore (feel free to chime in and let us know how a location was if you beat us to a spot!)
  • as a resource for folks looking for authentic travel experiences — and personal scrapbook of our adventures
  • as a collection of wisdom from what we’ve learned as we travel (and work) around the country with an RV full of animals–five squawking parrots and two wrinkly doggos, one of whom who was recently diagnosed with cancer

Say hello!

We are always happy to chat travel, fine dining, RV camping, traveling parrots, learning languages, working from the road, and so on. Drop us a line!

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